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33 thoughts on “아이린 IRENE is the original baby #HappyIRENEDay

  1. Bae bae be like:
    Hey trouble 경고 따윈 없이 오는 너
    I'm original BABY
    우린 원래 이랬어 yeah

  2. That's my Bias! she's turning 30 now. but she look's like a teen.. since, day one i love this angel so much with all my heart and she's my forever baeby. I'm blessed and thankful being a fan of her. Bae Joohyun, Thank you so much for all. Your The Only. 💕✨

  3. Baeby Irene 💗 I wish eternal happiness and success throughout your personal life and career. We love you 💗

  4. Only 2 dislike now but I don't know what the reason for that.Irene is not my bias but even i notice that she's quite cute when she acts like a baby 😄😄😄

  5. You forgot the scene when she was doing a v live in bed and she keep kicking her feet on the bed or her cute little noises

  6. Happy birthday baby hope you stay healthy and hope that pretty smile of yours won't fade away I love you so much! 💖

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