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23 thoughts on “Best Moments of DemonSlayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

  1. i'd love to be a nezuko voice actor. getting paid a shit ton of money for only doing;
    "mm"'s and "hmm"'s. and the only words i would say is eXPLODING blOOD

  2. The confusing part about episode 19 & 20 is literally Rui saying "My neck is tougher than my own threads," but he cuts his own head with his thread so I'm kinda confused

  3. Them while fighting the upper moon
    Everyone literally partners up

    Zenitsu:not a pillar but I dont need a partner I can beat this bish in my sleep

  4. I love every second of this anime. The music, animation style, action, characters, everything is great.


    hey guys check out my edit!! not a pro but I tried my best hope you liked it 😊

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