BLACKPINK Lisa teaching EXO’s The Eve to trainees (Youth With You)


When your Kpop worlds collide the audience demands a full video Lisa



  1. I maybe died when I saw this scene you can watch the full ep on IQIYI app it’s free 🥺👌🏾
    Also HBD to my queen Lalisa 🥺❤️

  2. Don't lay about you self ther are so many good dancers and better than lisa but they don't have any chance Yet!!!! Sooo stop talking!! She made me laugh when she considere her self as a trainer !!

  3. This remind me of jhope teaching trainee i bet other main dancer in group teach their member must be scary😅
    Edit:But they just want to help other to learn,if they not strict they wont learn anything though

  4. I taught it's MV, to get 2M in just 1 day. 😅
    Ohhh it's Lalisa, now I know. Happy Lisa Day!
    #LalisaManobanDay 🎉

  5. For very first time seeing her dance cover in YG new girl group teaser dance (you know when she has blonde hair) i always want her to cover boy group dance. They have more power moves, freeze, blocking, stomp, jump and whatever it is. And it's suits lisa. Just look at her lili dance 2 or x academy ads. It's just a glimpse of what she can do with b-girling style. And it's awesome! Let her doing boy group dance YG! I'm sure it's gonna be HUGE ATTENTION! And gaining girl scream everywhere 🤧

  6. Lisa trained for more than 16 hours everyday just to debut and overcomed language barrier from the age of 14 and left alone in SK, look where she is now! KPOP biggest and successful idol!


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