CASSIOPEIA MID- How To Carry With Cassiopeia guide – Challenger Step By Step


Cassiopeia Mid Guide / In this video I cover the runes, when to take conqueror and when to take phase rush. I also cover standard build path, and the bad, average and decent matchups for cassio. I then take you through 2 games one verse Leblanc and one verse Kassadin to show the differing ways to play the lane. I try and use these 2 examples to highlight the key concepts and fundamentals you need to carry with Cassiopeia in solo queue. Remember PATIENCE is key! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the discord and in the comments below
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  1. Is cassiopeia blindpickable?, is it the kind of champion that if i had it to my pool i should pick her when i am first pick?

  2. Did you ever made a video about "How to play against a super outranging matchup", like Syndra. I played against her a few games ago, and even in low gold she used her range to completely deny me my farm and pokes me down in lane so hard.

  3. Hi Coach! Thank you very much for this rich content. I would like to know which are the other exhaust-over-tp match ups besides Yasuo. Keep it up! Cheers from Argentina 🙂

  4. Hello, very good video thanks a lot !!
    I'm wondering, against Zed, do you go conqueror or phase rush ? I really dont know ^^
    And for Syndra, since you lose it anyway ?
    Thanks a lot for all of your advices, it helps me really learn new champions!!

  5. Using this guide, I smashed a Lucian Mid, even tho he had a 2 kill lead. He came up to do a little poke and I landed my Q, and pushed him out of lane. I don't think he expected me to do so much damage. I grounded him when he got back and easily killed him. Thanks Curtis.

  6. Hey man absolutely love your videos I watch them every day. Can you please make an itemization video? And maybe a video about playing when you're behind.

  7. I am a diamond cass with 70%wr in plat n below. I don't use conquerer because you don't get the mobility to kite which is vital to me in winning games. Does that extra 20 ap actually help? I mean if you go phase rush, you will have about equal healing.

  8. Lovely content Curtis. I would love if you made a galio video (my main) also if you discussed his builds tank/ap thanks a lot for what you do for the community you're awesome !

  9. So im maining cass for a bit and i tried with my friends that cassio with teemo in bot lane is the best combo, we win lane 90 percent of the time, try it.

  10. hey one hint, at minute 16:14, the killtrade.. it wouldnt be one if u healed up on the wave i guess. GJ anyway and nice video

  11. Do you have any idea about when to roam with Cass bcz usually my team ints a lot so I try helping by roaming but never succeed.

  12. Yes, kassadin is a counter mage, but if you manage to get conquerer, then you will start healing off him, also kassadins biggest counter is oriana afterall
    Edit: thank you for explaining everything so well, like I listen to LS explaining and I understand half of the things he sais, I understand everything you say

  13. What about heal barrier or ghost in certain matchups, or is it always better to just take tp? Is ghost even used anymore on any mid laners?

    Also, is rylais/liandries core every game? What about going ludens, Morello, dcap or some other more dmg item when the enemy team is more squish?

  14. Such an amazing guide! I love how informative your videos are and how you break everything down. So helpful!
    And I get eye candy too 😉 Love your videos <3 Keep up the good work!

  15. Hi , i am silver 3 adc but i really cant hard carry so i will switch to midlane do you recommend cass for me or another champions that can carry 1v9 i want to reach plat this season , i am binge watching your videos to know more insights about macro for mid.

  16. @ coach curtic why not gathering storm and nimbus with heal? seems to go with late game so well or am I trolling

  17. Hey Coach Curtis, I've definitely been conflicted lately between taking phase rush or conquerer into different matchups. You said at the beginning of the video to take Phase Rush into difficult matchups to focus on short trades. You then go on to name the champions that are difficult for Cassiopeia (Kassadin was included in this list). But I noticed you took conquerer anyway in the VOD. A month later from this video, is conquerer just a better rune on Cass?

  18. Lmao imagine saying that Zed, someome who can close the distance between you two instantly, or Ahri who can do the same, are easy matchups for Cass 😂


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