Challenging Street Food Tour || Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia🇲🇾


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It was a total, new experience!
Trying New types of food is a way to explore new cultures for sure!
And I enjoyed the food a lot there (except the … yeah, the things you watched ^^)

And I feel sorry for Joe, who missed this street food tour
because he was focusing on the editing a video which is incredible.
I highly recommend you to go, watch Joe’s video (English subtitle is available!)

And support this amazing creator, who gives us inspirations, crazy stories worldwide.
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🙏🏻Thanks for being with me and filming Ourty!
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*Arabic subtitle is available!*
The subtitle is contributed by wonderful lady from Egypt
💛Huge thanks to her 💛

♬ Background Music
▫ Cooper Cannell – Jungle Intrigue
▫ LiQWYD – Soul
▫ Quincas Moreira – BongoMadness

Thanks for watching guys!
See you soon!



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  1. ياربت ما تاكلوا المحرمات الصراصير والفاران والسحالى

  2. I was thinking how could she be able to speak Korean and English but then I realized how can I speak Arabic, French and English hahahaa

  3. I visit Penang and Kedah last year, they have so many goooood foods. And pf course no jellyfish. You should try the local foods like pasembor and mee udang

  4. Malaysian chinese rarely eat jellyfishes as eating too many jellyfishes might make women to become sterile


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