Take a self-guided walking tour around Ho Chi Minh and visit Saigon’s best historic spots & tourist destinations! This 1-day DIY itinerary will keep your first day in Vietnam busy :)!
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Ho Chi Minh is modern-day Saigon! Here is the Ho Chi Minh/Saigon do-it-yourself walking tour itinerary:

-War Remnants Museum gives you insight into the Vietnam War according to Vietnam. It is an informative experiencing, worth it for the knowledge and eye-opening content.
-Independence Palace, also known as Reunification Palace, is the site of the end of the Vietnam War.
-Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica is a towering cathedral constructed by French colonists during the 1880s.
-Saigon Central Post Office is still a working post office!
-Ho Chi Minh City Hal also known as the People’s Committee Buildingl is considered the most beautiful French styled architecture in the city.
-Nguyen Hue is a walking street is a cultural hub! Shop, eat, and sightsee your heart away.
-Ben Thanh Market is a large marketplace to buy local handicrafts, branded goods, and try delicious Vietnamese food!

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Travel tripod

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  1. Hi TJ, did you get vaccinated before visiting Vietnam? My Vietnamese friends are suggesting that I get vaccinated before going to Vietnam. Thank you

  2. Hi! Cupoftj. I like your Vloggers its very informative. Well, I have plans to visit HCM on Oct. 27, 2018 for 4 days alone but still looking for a place to stay what can you recommend. I will follow your itinerary. for 1 day and also plan to to tour Mekong river and Cuchin Tunnel. Can you recommend some tour guys that can be trusted that won't be a waste of time and money? Please…

  3. I'm from the UK & went to Saigon in 2013. Loved every moment I was there. The people are so nice, just wonderful. Totally agree with you, crossing the road is a nightmare, not good.
    Great job in shearing this, guys, put this on your bucket of places to visit.

  4. you never fail to make my day bright….. that's why I always watch you when I feel a bit sad…. so thank you!

  5. Hello sis, i really like your traveling video; i so enjoying watching it. Anyway, i was wondering that you always travel alone or with your friend? If you travel alone, how do you feel?

  6. Yep that's how motorcycles ride in Saigon lol. It's very interesting visiting the museum – I grew up and lived in Vietnam most of my life and I was pretty much brainwashed regarding the Vietnam War because all I knew prior to moving to the US was from Vietnam's side. Now, after going to school here in the US and going back to my country once in a while and looking at historical events, oh man how things turn 180 degrees. I love your travel vlogs, Saigon is so pretty and I can't wait to be back in my hometown!

  7. What you showed wasn't based on the protest against the war in vietnam by america. The signs are in dutch, thus protest against the war in vietnam by the netherlands B-)

  8. Amazing video! I traveled to Vietnam on the same week as you, and visited the war museum on a few days after you. Definitely miss Vietnam and can't wait to go back there soon.


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