'I shook hands with everybody,' says Boris Johnson weeks before coronavirus diagnosis


Boris Johnson said he was shaking hands with coronavirus patients just weeks before he tested positive for Covid-19. The prime minister confirmed he had entered self-isolation on Friday 27 March. Early this month, he insisted that people would be ‘pleased to know’ that the virus would not stop him greeting hospital patients with a handshake

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  1. Coronavirus – latest updates ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/mar/28/coronavirus-live-news-cases-in-italy-overtake-china-us-infections-pass-100000
    See all our coronavirus coverage ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/coronavirus-outbreak

  2. Not to be smug or anything it's just that I wonder how we all are to rely on overly privileged people for a sense of urgency or adequate response that never had to act on survival instincts a single day in their lives.
    The west in general can be somewhat complacent and indifferent.
    I mean even as you speak your not even keeping appropriate distance from your college to avoid your contamination radius (assuming he hasn't already been infected !)
    And Boris don't project your discontent on china or be angry threatening with sanctions for downplaying the numbers that happens everywhere.
    At least they responded in a way in which the west massively F+ ailed !!!!

  3. It’s amazing how money and connections can trump ability and competence when it comes to getting elected British prime minister

  4. it seems that it does not matter what u promise or what u do as long as u keep talking about it with great self confidence – balls bigger than brain
    thats the key to being a politician talk a lot even if u r wrong but never admit to being wrong
    a politician worth its citizens and vice versa

  5. 11 March – announced that health minister Nadine Dorries had tested positive for coronavirus (a few days after she had been at a Johnson-hosted event). She began self-isolating, with her mother. Johnson was asked whether he was worried he might have caught it and he said nah mate 'cos ah washed mah hands innit. He did not self-isolate, or work from home, like he was telling us to. Rachael Maskaell began self-isloating, as she had also been at the event.

    Couple weeks later, Johnson goes outside no 10, clapping the nurses for whom he blocked a pay rise a few months previously – and then clapped and cheered at that. It is later reported that he was already "having symptoms".

    Next day: Johnson annoiunced as being CV positive. Along with Matt Hancock. Johnson declares his intent to work from home – which, of course, he couldn't have done previously, despite telling everyone else to.

    Who doesn't see a few things off with all this?

  6. Boris you would be "pleased" to know that some of us think you're full of it. This pandemic was planned and for those who haven't watched Event 201 should see it . Why else you were too slow to react to this crisis?? This has always been a real suspect. I don't even believe that you and your friends have coronavirus.

  7. Boris Johnson 1 rule for us 1 rule for government. Typical wonder how many people Boris Johnson has infected then. He should dam well feel ashamed of his self putting people's lives at risk.

  8. Please be careful I have created a Chanel only to upload cctv to warn everyone people are spreading coronavirus on car door handles and home handles

  9. Every village needs that one special kind of guy to tell your kids about so they'll hopefully learn from that not to be the next one special kind of guy!

  10. ''Obviously people can do what they like''……………strange that, ussually we have unquestioningly follow with blind faith whatever they are told to do…………but when it comes to whether to spread a potentially deadly virus……….well thats really up to you. ……………..this made starting thinking of other crazy poloticians………..remember Canada's (toronto) Rob Ford……..the Major who was filmed smoking crack ( LITERALLY ). I think Rob gave Borris some of stash before he died.

  11. BoJo, please don't tell anyone you're angry at their refusal to social distance. You cannot say that anymore with a straight face.

  12. Boris is low risk because he washes his hands after the toilet…He Without Sin Cast The Fist stone? And wash your hands before you cast it?


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