[LIVE HD] COVID-19: PM Lee announces 4-week extension of Singapore circuit breaker to Jun 1


Singapore will extend its circuit breaker measures by 4 weeks to Jun 1, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced in an address to the nation on Tuesday (Apr 21). Mr Lee said that the aim is to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases in the community “decisively”. Read his full speech:

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  2. Ok great stop the spread. Good thou, some of you us live from hand to mouth. Daily paid. Hand to mouth. Release funds for help to many others till 01 Jun 2020. Help people.

  3. Singapore law enforcers are a joke. I sent them so many evidence of the infringements of circuit breaker laws and even did the heavy lifting for them to make their job easier but I guess they are all too groggy from the MCD's to actually do what they were paid to do.


  5. 93 days from 1 case to over 12,000 cases and no sign of stopping. What the heck is the Task Force and Govt doing all these days????? Singapore will overtake Jp in 1 to 2 days and become third in Asia soon (after China n India). We r back on top 30 chart Worldwide !!!!

  6. "Circuit Breaker" my foot.
    The PM thinks we are a nation of electrical engineers and scholars. The government is so out of touch with the people that it doesn't even bother to use simple words like "Partial Lockdown" or "Movement Control"– words that ordinary people can understand easily. The Malaysian government talks to it's people; the Singapore government talks to itself, a bunch of elites unconnected to the grassroots. They are more interested in playing with words than taking effective timely actions. Mistakes of the PM:
    1. Appointing political trainees to co-lead COVID-19 Task force
    2. Indecisiveness in relation to dorm workers.
    3. Allowing an unelected person to speak unremittingly over the government's head in relation to COVID and to foreign relations. Is there an unelected senior PM in Singapore?
    4. Too eager to project a nice guy image.
    5. Unwillingness to hold his ministers accountable. No minister has yet been removed for the COVID-19 bungle.
    Singapore is watching you, Dear PM.

  7. Right on PM Lee. Stay Safe. Want to be president of America? Wait, you can't, because you are not America born. Doesn't hurt in dreaming.

  8. Aiyo,pray that the everyone be kept safe and protected. Btw,here's an interesting video related to COVID-19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHFs9-nq-_k&t=56s

  9. Salam ,
    Me now thinking of putting another 20Amp circuit-breaker on my brain. So in total I have like 3 altogether. 😁😅.

  10. Are you afraid of death? Not sure what I should do? Jesus is the solver. Jesus is the savior. Jesus is the only light in the chaotic world. Satan deceives you. What has Satan given you? It's all about cheating, lying, killing, stealing, and perishing. Come to Jesus. Rest and receive eternal life. In front of Jesus' name, all powers and demons kneel down. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Only comes to the Father except through me. John 14: 6
    You who want to believe in Jesus.If you who have COVID19, come to Jesus. Be healed in the name of Jesus, If you plagued by ghosts. If you wanna believe Jesus, Please say this words. "Jesus, I believe in Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God and my savior. you poured water and blood on the cross for my sins.And Jesus were resurrection in three days and I believe Jesus come back when in last world time."

  11. I'm not even Muslim but if the virus problem goes away just in time for Hari Raya, I'll hoorah like it's my damn holiday lmao

  12. No hater please as I’m saying in a logical point of view; you guys can disagree on what I think. We live in a free thinking world so please be use a tactful tone on your reply and no yelling with or without caps. Greatly appreciated!

    Covid-19 is said to be a liquid borne illness that spread through contact of human liquid excretion like mucous excretion from nose and mouth, coughing and sneezing. Judging by this, the odds of the healthier ones outside getting the virus are rather low. Unless he (she) went to visit a family with Covid-19 or contacted patients spreading around in the hospitals. The rise in the number cases should be within hospital setting and not from the people outside. Spreading from contacted patient to the healthier ones within hospital that cause the rise in the number of cases (just my theory). Wearing a useless surgical mask whenever we go out to do essential things will not really help in any matter; the only thing we get protected from is our Singapore $600 is not being fined back from the government and our oxygen getting into our lungs. I seriously don’t know about you guys but the free useless cotton mask is not practical and I hardly can breathe through it. Plus, cotton is actually the worst material and child labor is involved to harvest. Wear or don’t wear, it is pointless.

    I have seen the statistic of the current cases in Singapore Ministry of Health website, I agree that it is about 10,000 cases now but the fatality rate is eleven. Compare to other countries that have hundreds to thousands of death rates, this is considered rather low. I do understand that it is better to be safe than sorry. Once you come to think of it; everyone will have a stay in hospital when symptoms are shown.

    Youngsters and adults are crying out for some fresh air as it is really boring to stay home thirty days straight. Right now, second extension will kill all of us. It is like caging in for the crime we didn’t commit. For once, students don’t mind going to school not really because of education but they just want to get out for fresh air. I’m an introvert too and I do like to stay at home but I really want to get a job just to earn money and get some fresh air too. Staying at home is nice and all as no money is being loss unless online shopping.

    Private business owners in retail industry are facing the worst financial meltdown. In the more holistic approach to this situation, they have to retrench staff to support themselves. Thinking about others is actually out of the question. They have to pay rentals to pay for the two months, bills both at home and shop to pay and mouths to feed. Once they retrench staff, people will left unemployed with their little final salary that they last withdrawn from the company. After situation been normalized, most places most likely dare not to hire much because they are thinking about recovering the money that was loss during the two months hiatus. People will suffer as well as they can’t support basic needs for both family and oneself. Economic will not able to recline back to the ideal state for quite awhile.

    Safety precautions still have to take I agree. Healthier ones that are outside of the hospital zone should avoid hospital visitation at all cost for time being. Shower regularly once or twice per day. Normal without anti-bacterial cleanser is good enough. The moment you step back home for a shower should make you feel clean enough and dare not to go out anymore. Supplements like multi-vitamins and zinc should consider taking sparingly to increase your immune health. Eat more healthier and food contains higher in vitamin C and zinc content. Avoid people with similar symptoms of Covid-19. Do some home exercise to strengthen up yourself. That way you can be very sure that you are very safe from the disease. It is said that prevention is better than cure is true. Not only these recommendations I suggest will not only help you to stay healthy; it also will save you from paying hospital bill that the disease send you.

    In retrospect, the media should make the situation flavourful and caused panic to everyone. Second extension is good but not good for the family’s income. They have children to feed and bills to pay. After this thing over, he will blame us for being lazy for pulling down the economics of Singapore. Either way he is making us the villain while he gains all the of being a superhero. Can we not perfect the 3 Ks of Singapore please? This is the only culture that I’m not quite proud of showing to the visitors when we resume normally.

    Enough said, may you guys be safe during this time of pandemic.

  13. I request the MOH to kindly look into the case properly because there are some patients who are really in need of intensive care. My dad has been waiting for ambulance since two days but since the ambulance never arrived and he has really given up. He has started showing symptoms like shortness of breaths but nothing has done so far. I request the government ministry of health and ministry of man power to take my dad to hospital as soon as possible. We are really helpless during the period of this lockdown all we can do is look up to the government and pray beg for proper care🙏🏻🙏🏻😭😭

  14. Shows the laxness and incompetence of the G. Frankly, if the first few cases from Mustafa were traced and picked up sooner, this sudden surge shouldn't have happened. G you owe us all an apology for leaving this until so late! Give me back my 2 months for Christ's Sake!


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