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Hi my Loves!

I travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my parents and had the best time of my life! It’s an amazing city.

Kindly find the details of my trip below.

Stay – Sunway Putra Hotel – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sightseeing – You can buy all the attraction entry tickets on the spot, at the counter.

Local commute – Grab Taxi, Metro or Buses.

If you guys have any doubt or questions kindly ask me in the comment section below.

Thanks for watching.

Much Love

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  1. Love the vlog!! Looks like so much fun. I've quite literally been watching your travel vlogs all day (hi from Netherlands!)

  2. Bangladesh is a small tourist country.but it is the cheapest tourist cntry in the world.but u will find comfortable hotel, shopping mall, halal food and everything available what you want. If you come this small cntry you need more than 1month to complete the tourist spots. Spots r
    1. Dhaka::ahsanmonjil, museum, zoo, children park,lal bag kella, botanical garden, ((basundara, jamuna, rifles Square etc shopping mall ))
    2.coxs bazar:with lot of tourists spot
    3.bandorbon tourist attractions
    4.syllet tourist spots
    5. narayongonj :sonar ga
    6. Netrokona tourist spot
    7.fantasi Kingdom and etc. ………
    It's completely natural. So u can try at least once

  3. As I am planning to do the entire trip all by myself no travel agent need ur help…. My Mail id is Please do help me


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