[NCT DREAM LIVE – Beyond the Dream Show]
5/10 SUN 3PM (KST) | 5/9 SAT 11PM (PDT) | 5/10 SUN 2AM (EST)


🎥’Ridin” MV ➫
NCT DREAM’s new album “Reload” is out!
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  1. They literally barely showed Jaemin and Haechan ToT
    I'm sure this was the time that Jaemin got hurt, emotionally so he might've been tired and sad… Also Haechan seemed outta place too… Idk if I'm just exaggerating these😅😅😅😅😅

  2. so y'all NCTzens out there literally CAN'T see that our baby nana is sad because of the hate his getting. why on earth would someone hate on nana. he literally loves NCTzens so FREAKING MUCH and now you guys hate on him???? ARE YOU CRAZY? ALL THE LOVE HE GAVE US AND THAT'S WHAT Y'ALL ARE DOING? im really disappointed from all the NCTzens that hate on him. Nana, if you see this, please remember that are also NCTzens that REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU LIKE I DO. You are the best human being the world and you deserve the universe. i love you with my whole heart. please stay strong and ALWAYS EAT. FIGHTING ✊🏻💕💕💕💕

  3. 10:07 wait I hear jungwoo’s part in the boss
    It seems like they are playing boss in the background but it feels like live omggggg is this spoiler

  4. call me delusional but that is not Jungwoo's voice at @10:02 CHENLE BOSS COVER? it might not be him BUT I WANNA BELIEVE IT'S HIM.

  5. I'm glad everybody laughed in the background when Jaemin said "why do you keep calling me Jaemin-ssi, are you social distancing?" because that is prime humor I love it


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