NEW iPad Pro Hands-On & First Impressions


The new 2020 iPad Pro is here! We go hands-on with the new tablet from Apple, run through what’s new, and give you my first overall impressions of the new device.

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  1. I was definitely hoping for more HW wise especially the screen and SOC but I guess the Miniled screens and 5nm SOC is not quite ready yet so they were forced to get something out there now with another iPad to propably come later the year.

    The new keyboard with trackpad is overdue and very welcome given how long Microsoft has already been doing this. That price thought… wow 🙁

    I really dont think I will ever use the cameras on a tablet that much and for me AR also still feels a bit like a gimmick but more functionality is always welcome I guess and in time maybe some awesome apps will take advantage of this and make it more useful. The better microphones will be great for work calls

    This is really is becoming a laptop replacement and might become my first Apple device. Its everything I hoped Google would do with Android until they fcked it up and decided ChromeOS is the way to go.

    That said, there is still a few things I hope they fix in software and a few HW changes I can dream about

    1. Multi user support like Android has had for many many years. Sharing a device like this in a family is so common. A guest mode too
    2. Output to external screens at native external screens resolution e.g 4k
    3. So happy they support external storage just keep expanding support for more filesystems pls, even if we have to pay for filesystem plugins afterwards
    4. Work with Microsoft and Google to get office/docs feature complete with desktop versions
    5. Keep working on that file browser
    6. So much of the keyboard and mouse settings are split in different places. Hope they bring it all together under one Input Setting Menu option
    7. Final Cut….

    1. A second USBC port would be awesome
    2. I was hoping they would have OLED or MiniLED in this release.
    3. More powerful 5nm A14x SOC

  2. all my videos, including the audio are recorded on my first gen ipad pro and it sounds just as good as any other video on youtube…

  3. I have the gen 1 iPad Pro. Just seems like the same experience. I do want want to be able to use the 2nd gen Apple Pencil. Any suggestions are welcome

  4. I honestly don't understand people who upgrade Macs or iPads every year. The year-over-year upgrades are 99% of the time never "worth it."

    Yeah, there are a few edge cases that it's obvious no-brainer (Mac Pro, since it went YEARS without an upgrade, but if you happened to buy a new one last year…) But this iPad upgrade? Unless you're a developer who is developing for the AR-Lidar system, there isn't really any logical reason to upgrade other than I MUST ALWAYS HAVE THE LATEST

  5. I have the 2018 smaller version. I wish I had gotten the bigger one. I think I want to upgrade just to get the bigger one. Should I sell mine outright or get the credit on apples site? It says I would only get 180-

  6. I got mine today upgrading from the 2012 IPad 4 and I’m not too fond of the battery life or standby time . I’m use to apples standby time not moving this one dies down without use Apple rushed this one

  7. Thank you for this video. I already have the 2018 iPad Pro so I think I’m good. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. 🙂

  8. Want to buy one asap ! But apple delayed availability here in india though it's has been launched and we are in a 3 week total lockdown which could well extend beyond a month …so can't purchase !

  9. Good video, just some feedback: It would be useful to hear the microphone quality without the background music so we can get a sense of the noise floor and the effect of the ambient environment on the recordings. Enjoyed the video though 👍🏻

  10. Mine arrived today too. I got it because it's bigger & my eyesight isn't so good with the smaller screen. I watch lots of YouTube vids so this will be helpful.

  11. Even after several years of military gunfire and associated ear damage, I noticed a slightly enhanced bass response in your voice. Anywho, I went ahead and ordered the new 12.9 Pro w/1TB to replace my 2014 iPad Air. The upcoming Magic keyboard w/integrated TP was my deciding factor. Based on earlier reports of bending, I am a bit concerned with real-world travel use. It should withstand travel/backpack toss n' go, but Apple isn't meticulous with durability except for the iPhone. iPads just need to look cool at Starbucks.

  12. I feel as though this is a way better purchase than a MacBook regarding the normal consumer I’m 17 and I don’t even know how to use a computer and honestly I don’t see the point of buying a computer besides the editors that make videos
    Prove me wrong if you believe other wise

  13. so – wait for the 2022 edition or whatever if you have the 2018, and buy the keyboard thing when it comes out in may, if you have any other version upgrade now and enjoy a super future proofed over specced machine now

  14. I am disappointed it does not have the same camera set up as the iPhone 11 Pro – I would have got one then, but as it is will stick with the 2018 which is superb – but I will get the new magic keyboard

  15. Considering I have the original 9.7 pro, I’m going to get the 2020 12.9, it’s definitely a huge upgrade from what I currently have.

  16. I looked at upgrading my 11” 512 GB model 2018 LTE iPad Pro to the 13” 1TB 2020 LTE… When you add the cost of the new keyboard/trackpad it’s about $2250. The base 16” Mac Book Pro… is $200 more. Let that sink in for a moment. Approximately $200 price difference… And look at what $200 gets you.
    No, I’m not crossgrading. No, it’s not an upgrade. My iPad has an A13X. The 2020 model has an A12Z. 7% more power in the graphics chip does no impress me, especially while streaming content providers are lowering the video resolution. There’s little more frustrating than paying the same amount to get less product, except for paying more for the same…. $1000 monitor stand anyone?

  17. Thanks for pointing out the differences (or non-differences, lol), very helpful to know! I'm going to hang on to my 2018 model for now, but would definitely upgrade if there was a game changing upgrade in the future. However, definitely have my eye on the new magic keyboard. Thanks!


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