The Back Ways To Da Lat By Motorcycle | Vietnam Road Trip Video Part 3


Kyle and Alex explore the back roads to Da Lat from Bao Loc.

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  1. My wife and I just rode Nha Trang to Da Lat via the mountain road! Wow one of the most scenic in Vietnam really nice ride.

  2. O thanh pho nay co quan an Nguyen o ngay ke cong nha tho Dai Loc thon xa 12, xa Loc Thanh, chuyen ve Pho bo, bun bo, bo kho rat la ngon

  3. The trip seems fun, but it even better if you invite a couple ladies to go along with you 2 – 2 guys on an across country journey seems dry.

  4. Did this yesterday from dalat to elephant falls then from elephant to pongour.. had to turn back as we got stranded with our bikes in muck… don't how we weren't killed on the way home… the roads back to dalat are treacherous

  5. Your drone game has gotten real, Alex!! That's some amazing aerial footage there! Do the coffee plants grow wild along the road? I like that you stopped to speak to the kids, as I'm sure it made their day to speak to an English speaker. And wow, what a difference a video or two makes in your Vietnamese! I was amazed at how well you were saying some of the words with some tonal correctness (a bit off here and there, but overall pretty amazing). I guess listening to Google translate pronounce it helps, eh? LOL

  6. THANK THANK YOU Alex and Kyle for another super interesting video. LOVE you guys! Oh, you can pick some red color coffee beans and some tea leaves. Coffee beans have to be roasted and tea leaf just put in very hot boiling water (like regular very hot cup tea). Weather is cooler in DaLat. Many rich people live there, they own coffee and tea plantation. Those kids must attended English schools taught by one of your employees 🙂 Its summer time and kids usually visiting grand-parents….lucky kids spend summer time in Dalat. THANKS again Alex and Kyle. Can't wait for next video:)

  7. Hmm just a thought. There’s a couple of guys that make videos while they’re on motorbikes and record their audio (using a pair of those headset devices). If you guys have time to do that on a future trip, that’d be great content

  8. Another great video. You guys heading to Ha Giang? I asked Kyle on his channel. Looks like they got some serious flooding up there. Stay safe!!

  9. Hey dude. Try changing your glasses on the trip. Those force dust and air into your eyes. The flat ones that has a bit of a curf cover your eyes pretty well.

  10. I know you are not teaching anymore, but seeing you drop into first gear and speak simply and slowly with those boys shows you were probably a damn good teacher.

  11. Hey alex, i just wanna fan boy you right quick.
    I have moved to vietnam 2 weeks ago, after about a year of preparing back in England. I've just today received my first job offer from a good learning centre.
    I would like to thank you for one way or another influencing my life in such a fantastic way!

    Thanks my dude, enjoy your rad trip!

  12. Having you guys ever had any problems with theft or corruption? You carry so much, surprised no one has attempted to snatch anything.


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