The Platform (2019) SPOILER FREE REVIEW | Netflix VOD Sci-fi Horror Thriller


So many of you have been talking about this one! I watched on the weekend and couldn’t wait to suggest it to you! This Spanish psychological sci-fi horror thriller film is available to stream on Netflix now!


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  1. This was easily one of my favorite movies I've ever seen until the end. The ending really just ruined and made the whole movie disappointing to me. Sad times.

  2. "Hey y-"
    "Don't talk to them. They're below us"
    spits wine into the pit
    "Hello? You up there?"
    "They won't answer."
    "Because they're above us. These bastards."

  3. I think I'll watch this tonight while in quarantine. Might chase it with Dogville, seems like a good fit although Cube comes to mind.

  4. VERY VERY overrated movie. I watched it a second time just to make sure I wasnt tripping but it just doesnt live up to the hype. I felt as though it was trying to be something it's not.

  5. I've been a horror movie fan for 4 decades, even loving the old black and white classics and B films. This is the worst movie I've ever seen! As I watch it my mind was in a constant check-list mode; I've seen that done in such&such film and they did it better.

  6. I am watching this movie right now! 😀
    By the way: The idea of the movie reminds me a lot of the short film "Next Floor" from Denis Villeneuve.

  7. What makes the gore in this movie so intensive is because it feels believable. There is a reason why something is shown to us. While in most old horror movies gore is just there to shock the audience and often feels over the top and absurd.

  8. Hi, Emma! Are you going to watch and review The Exorcist 3? Recently my another favorite YouTube reviewer, Chris Stuckmann, said this movie is criminally underrated, and I agree. I'm curious what's your opinion on that.

  9. I loved The Cube.

    I have a thing about food so this just creeps/grosses me out. So it puts me off a little bit. I know that sounds stupid haha…

  10. I stayed up extra late to watch this movie, and then went straight to bed afterwards…. Mistakes were made….

  11. this movie was a stupid waste of time and an incomplete story that left too many questions unanswered. they could have done more with such a great concept

  12. Holy Crap ! Just watched it now .WoW !! Great film . Great story , it flowed so good, ups and downs . Loved the ending . Makes you think , what good film should do !!

  13. Minor Spoilers:
    I liked how it perfectly explained how difficult it it for the lower classes to find solidarity, you just need 1 asshole to fuck it up, that's why even an idealist had to result to outright tyrannical rule to achieve what it's obviously good for the whole. while the rich have stakes in keeping the system as it is, so who's to say if the message changed anything.

  14. movie: ration food to feed all floors
    real life: ration food to end world hunger

    the message in the movie: the child
    the message in real life: children all over the world


  15. I watched this movie lastnight. I didn't care for it too much and it wasn't that disturbing. I've seen far worse. Also I hated the ending. In fact I didn't understand the ending nor I don't need no explanation either. Sorry, just my opinion


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