THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!


In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. 2:10
    "Having thrown a TV out his window and accidentally murder someone"

    Subtitle says "Dont you get tired of doing this"😂

  2. That guy on level 96 with the sick old man they where feeding who said he would smother him than slit open his stomach to eat what they given him trusty disgusted me. I wish they killed him before he could do that.

  3. Great break down, any thoughts on what the administration was, and all the bible references? I am not familiar with the source material if that makes a difference.

  4. How was the girl surviving alone on the 333 floor and why did that floor not get hot/cold when they kept the panna cotta

  5. Why tf was mikaru's daughter there anyway? A system bug or mikaru was just maniac enough to bring her as a carry-along item 🤔🤔

  6. Lets be honest Hawaiian pizza is like one of the most logical choices cause u can easily just stuff a slice in ur mouth in less then a minute and by making it Hawaiian hopefully the ones above down like pineapple.

  7. i know selfish motherfuckers just like those in the movie. unfortunately, not all were brought up with integrity and compassion

  8. I watched this whole movie and I thought it was great but when watching it I hated the ending cause of so many unanswered things and that I felt I could summarise the whole movie in one sentence. But this video made me understand it more so I can actually appreciate it now, so great video man.

  9. I was very hesitant to watch, since most of Netflix's OG films are GARBAGE. But, since they shit out something good every now and again. I watched due to the interesting premise. I wasn't let down, I LOVED this film. Great, fresh concept that was executed very well.

  10. It’s funny how the Administration prepares exactly what everyone needs, and if people were able to only take what they need, everyone could eat what they want. In the scene where Goreng is interviewed, he is asked his favorite food, and as you can see after in the movie it is in fact added in the dinner. So everybody could eat his favorite food if everybody was civilized enough. It really shows how it’s almost the fault of the people in the hole.

  11. Capitalism is hell on earth and it must come to an end. Only by working together do we have a future, only by uniting can we stand up to the aggression of the capitalist system, which consumes people even at the very top. We must give up borders and money, and we must distribute the benefits fairly. This is the only way we can escape. Read Marx, read Lenin, be enlightened

  12. i'd ask an oxygen respirator so when the gas kicks in i would be able to see what the fuck is hapening between every month

  13. i have an analogy for y’all. andrew yang is our youth that seeks real change and we’re trying to get him up there to the white house but we failed by choosing joe biden as our democratic nominee. Joe biden is the panna cotta part of the establishment. with yang everybody would eat good with that UBI but now we’re stuck with panna cotta

  14. Goreng (indonesia) = Fried
    Trimakasi/Terimakasih (Indonesia) = Thank you
    Miharu (Japan) = Open one's eyes wide (scene when goreng wake up)

    I think there's something with their name. It means something.

  15. Anyone notice that the majority of the food on that platform if eaten on a daily basis would kill you anyway. Each person picked a favorite food and that was supposed to be their only meal for the entire stay. Imagine the ending if they actually ate that one choice meal. Dead or near death anyway

  16. I'd order Olive Garden's Never-Ending-Breadsticks Bowl. On a side note, have you been watching Devs? And URGENTLY: Please, please watch Tiger King on Netflix. It may not seem like our normal type of show; but you won't be able to take your eyes away once you're into the second episode.

  17. i think the FAST speed the child going up is representation of new system new generation new leaders.
    the main character guy represents that when there is a corrupt unjust system one must take actions that are against ones own belief and morals beyond measures, in order to shed a light to just even acknowledge the possibilities of change. after playing the corrupt systems undesirable game just to seek attention of change the guys experiences have been shaken yet what has been done is absolutely necessary.
    the woman is significant of Mother's love, one that will kill and take care doing whatever it takes to love the future, her kid.
    the man couldn't go up because he knows he has done wrong even though he did what he must.
    the woman didn't go up because she is caring and loving and as long as she is together with her child, protecting her kid is the priority. if she has then maybe the people above would take her daughter away, she volunteer just to be with her child she wasn't there to bust the system as much as long as she is together and safe with her child. i think maybe her child could possibly knocked something over a window and harmed someone by accident just like what happened to the old man. which could be the reason why the child is there. It takes a mothers guts to ride down so most wouldn't go there also lower means less food or chance to fight someone else that might eat you, chances very unlikely that the weak dares to go down, i just kind of know why bad people wouldn't go down and only good people would so the girl has been safe.

  18. Ain’t even gonna lie the whole time my theory was that Goreng was going to get a culinary degree to be a chef to cook for the people in the hole at the end. That woulda been crazy

  19. What I didn't understand: If the woman searched for the kid, she must have reached the plattform nr. 333 at one point right? Why did she never find her child? And on the other side how could the kid survive without any food?


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