THE PLATFORM Trailer (2020)


English trailer for The Platform



  1. "if everybody only ate what they needed, the food would get to the lowest level" omg another bs movie where theyre trying to shove their anti-rich propaganda down our throats with their "smart" ways. Im not even rich and these types of propaganda movies are pure disgust.

  2. Was this in a different language that’s why the voice is off??? Anyways I stopped watching this shit cause I was tired of the old hag saying obviously 🙄

  3. Classic left handed concept that the higher level have more that those in the lower levels. And in the end we know that the humans are bad and all that crap with we are our own enemies. Ble ble ble.
    We saw this before. A lot !

  4. seen this b4 , loads of blood / gore , but unfortunately this is a foreign film , with english talking !!
    but on the whole…… it's pap !!

  5. The platform trailer is really amazing show ever I really think it's going to be very interesting show I really like it alot I really love it so much I never seen it. I hopefully it will be very fascinating despicable and terrific character and very awesome show ever. I actually love this show is really great ever I really enjoyed every moment of it. I even like the writer and producer artist storyline director and crew executive producer cast did a terrific job making this film and it looks so amazing ever very cool to me.


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