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Here I am with just another Enamel pin unboxing. There’s no turning back haha, this is addicting! Anyways, I can’t wait for my albums to arrive and see who I’ll pull!!! I did end up getting 5 albums from Target the other day but decided not to film until I receive all of my other sets! Huhuhu TT
–ENAMEL PINS—(Instagram)
-V Wings
-Artist Tae
-kawaii Kookie
-Jimin’s Butterfly
-Hobe’s World
-Speak Yourself Tour series
-@infires pins/ @the dancing Tiger
-Red Envelope pin
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  1. FOR EVERYONE: You do not have to be rich to buy all of this! We all start our savings somewhere. The key is to save as much money as you can for the things you really want 🙂 also do you put your pins on something? or just put them on a shelf? If you put them on something then what is it that you put them on? <3

  2. i just want to tell you that BTS notice your channel , Tae loves ur channel too much , and tae's hidden account in youtube already subscribed to you 🙈

  3. I’m sorry i know I kinda late but i really like your videos they sooooo good 🥰💕💕😩and can I also know how you make your voice sound different please

  4. eek i love your videos so much!

    you inspired me to make my own pin account and start buying pins ahhaha so thank you so much for that! I do not regret anything even though it's hard sometimes 🙂

    my pin account on instagram: @bambie.pins <3


  5. Girl I think you passed your enamel pin obsession to me because I have started getting into them and gosh there are so many pretty ones and I want all of them 😭😫 love your videos too 💜

  6. My new album taking a while to shipped cause I bought mine in South Korea💖

    I love your videos and I purple you!💜

  7. Looking forward for your Persona Album unboxing and Line friends box for BT21….. I love all your unboxing. I watched most of your videos.

  8. If you really love enamel pins (which you do as I can tell 😂) and don’t wanna pay like really expensive worldwide shipping or the pin seller doesn’t have international you should join group orders on Twitter !

  9. I've been waiting for persona album unboxing !! I'm really can't wait for that vid to come out 😍omg i love your videos so much ~~ I LOVE YOU !!


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