Vietnam Motorbike Special Part 1 – Top Gear – Series 12 – BBC


Part one of two. Jeremy begins to enjoy his Vespa on the road to the Ancient Capital of Hue, and Richard is furious when James and Jeremy decide to give his bike a makeover.

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  1. These specials are so rewatchable. I'm not even a car person and I was never what you would call a Top Gear fan. I never actually watched the episodes only the speacials. But I do love great TV and the Top Gear specials are pure gold.

  2. Jeremy: I fear that my new mod look has been spoiled slightly, because somebody has written PENIS on my helmet.
    Richard: I did that.


  3. I did this last summer. Took longer than the nine days they did. I also broke down in an absolutely insane view.

  4. Honestly though clarkson killed it with that purple and red outfit. The shoes are so red that the little red in the button up shirt set it off right. Then penis on the helmet. Great style


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